• Donation Platform
  • Technology Solution in Education
  • Quality Enhancement Support
  • Impact Assessment & Research
  • Technology Partner For Non-Profits

At Pratuksha Foundation, has Technologically supported Donation platform that allows Donor to connect transparently to Credible “Not For Profit” Organisations:

WHY Pratuksha Foundation SOCIAL FOUNDATION ?

  • Most of these non-profits do not have capacity to raise funds by spreading awareness about their causes and Pratuksha work.
  • Mostly Donors don’t know where exactly their donation are been used.
  • Technology can be used to solve these problems.

Working Model – Donation

  • Individual Donors
  • Philanthropists
  • Social Impact Institutions / Foundations
  • Company CSR
  • Teacher’s Training
  • Vocational Training
  • Digitization of Schools
  • Pre-School Moderdenization
  • O & M of Schools

Ways of Fund Raising

  • Donations – from Corporate & Funding Agencies
    • Online Donations
    • Offline Donations
  • Funds from Government under different schemes
  • Payroll Giving Program
  • Charity Events
  • Retail Funding
    • Events in Companies
    • Donation Boxes in Hotels
    • School Students for Fund Raising
  • Online Crowd Funding – Individuals / HNI Families

Technology Solution in Education

  • Pratuksha Foundation Partners are using Technology for School Management and running it Professionally.
  • Pratuksha Foundation has Technology Solution can be used for Successful and Efficient Pre-School Management.
  • This Technology Solution can be used for Successful and Efficient Pre-School and School Management.
  • Most of the Govt./ CSR Supported Pre-School and School from Semi- Urban / Rural areas can be benefited with this.

Pratuksha Foundation Partners are ready to take-over / guide for the Management of Schools / Pre-schools.

  • Infrastructure Enhancement
  • Technology in Pedagogy
  • Scripted Curriculum in local language for Teachers
  • Digital Classrooms
  • Improved Assessment Techniques for students
  • Standardized mid-day meal for students
  • Usage of Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Adequate Safety Measures for students & staff

Impact Assessment & Research

  • To make an assessment of the extent up to which the scheme has been successful in delivering the desired benefits to the Target Group, in specific and Society, at large
  • To examine the existing procedure of service delivery and analyse scope of improvement
  • Learning from socio-economic characteristics
  • Integrating learning and developments in technology to devise better mechanism for better service to insure better impact
  • Methodology
  • Primary Source of Data
    • Surveys
    • Personal Interviews of beneficiaries / implementation agencies
    • Interviews of Govt. Officers and other Stake holders
  • Secondary Source of Datas
    • Various Economic surveys, Ministry and Planning Commission data, Online bulletins published by various authorities, journals, articles, newspapers etc.
  • Study of Research Documents for suggestions

Technology Partner For Non-Profits

  • Most of Non-profits are not tech-savy.
  • Biggest reason is the cost involved in using latest technology
  • Impact Analysis, Documentation and Submission of report to Donor are major task which can be solved with Technology
  • Donor can see the online progress of supported work with the help of Technology
  • Pratuksha Foundation Social Foundation will Partner with Non- profits for Technology Solutions